Why Trimming Your Dog’s Nails Is Important

Just like us, your dog’s nails continuously grow and require proper trimming on a monthly basis. In the wild, your dog would naturally wear down his nails by traveling and hunting over different terrain. That’s not the case with domesticated dogs, since we’ve greatly changed their environments. Since domesticated dogs’ nails are not worn down enough naturally to keep up with their growth, we need to closely inspect and trim their nails for them.

If left uncared for, your dog’s nails can grow too long. You’ll notice this if you can hear every footstep click loudly as he walks across a hardwood or tile floor. On carpeting, their snails may get snagged or caught up on the pile. Nails that are too long can break, chip and splinter among other painful conditions. Arthritis can set in over time, creating a painful condition that needs veterinary attention.

Dogs can easily tear their toenails when running or playing — especially outside where terrain and obstacles can become a hazardous venue for your dog’s long nails. Additionally, nails left too long can make standing and moving painful and awkward for your dog. In extreme situations, the nails can continue to grow until they twist or curl around and become embedded in the pads of your dog’s paws.