Have you ever had to ponder over choosing a nail design that suits your personality? Or have you grown tired of your old nail style and desire to adorn your nails with a fresh look? ???

Here are some beautiful nail designs that you should try at least once: ??????

1️⃣ Round Nails
2️⃣ Square Nails
3️⃣ Pointed Nails
4️⃣ Almond Nails
5️⃣ Oval Nails
6️⃣ Ballet Slipper Nails
7️⃣ Mountain Peak Nails
8️⃣ Coffin Nails

That sounds like a wonderful plan! ????? Enjoy your weekend at the nail salon, and with the professional nail technicians and the #JKIOCEAN nail clippers, you can have a relaxing and pampering experience?Take this opportunity to treat yourself and indulge in some self-care. Have a great time!