Dealing with issues like nail breakage and scratches can be disheartening and make you feel frustrated, especially when you’re trying to grow out your nails. However, don’t worry! Here are some ways to improve the health of your nails???

1โƒฃ Limit exposure to water: Engaging in activities such as swimming, washing dishes, or cleaning the house involves prolonged contact of your nails with water, which can make them soft and weak. To prevent this, consider wearing gloves whenever you’re doing household chores or try to minimize the contact of your nails with water.

2โƒฃ Balanced diet: It may sound surprising, but it’s a very convincing point. Thin and weak nails can be a sign that your body is lacking protein. To help strengthen your nails, you should consume a variety of foods such as vegetables, fruits, protein sources, whole grains, and dairy products.

3โƒฃ Supplement with biotin: Biotin is a well-known supplement for promoting healthy hair and nails. You can purchase it at pharmacies and health stores. It is generally recommended to take a daily dose of 30mcg for adults.

4โƒฃ Trim rough edges: If you notice a scratch or a crack on your nail, it’s advisable to use the #JKIOCEAN nail clippers to trim the nail before the situation worsens. The rough edge can catch onto objects or cause the nail to break further. Afterward, you can use a nail file to shape the nail as desired.

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