Today, #Jkiocean will guide beginners in nail care on how to properly hold nail clippers and use them. For a nail technician, knowing how to hold and use nail clippers correctly is crucial.

  • When using cuticle nippers, removing excess cuticles around the nails is the simplest step. Typically, nail technicians will trim the cuticles closest to the nails, about 1-2 mm wide.

-This process helps make your nails look clean, and the nail shape will appear more beautiful.

  • Guide to holding cuticle nippers:

-Before learning how to trim cuticles or remove excess skin on the hands, it’s important to learn how to hold the nippers first.

-When starting, place one handle of the nippers between your thumb and index finger. Use the tip of your index finger to support the other handle. This is the grip you will use to perform the cuticle trimming.

-Typically, when using the nippers for the first time, the grip may feel unfamiliar and may cause hand fatigue.

-Therefore, it’s important to practice regularly to become more proficient each day.

Guide to holding nail clippers properly:

-First, place one handle of the clippers between your thumb and index finger. Use the tip of your index finger to support the other handle.

-Position the remaining handle in the gap between your middle finger and ring finger.

-Push the clippers in to adjust until you feel comfortable with the hand movement.

-Since nail clipping is a quick process and is performed in the area where the nail groove is prone to scratches, it requires a professional grip on the nail clippers.

  • Instructions for using cuticle nippers for beginners in nail care:

• Step 1: Before trimming cuticles, apply a layer of cuticle softener around the nails to make the skin around the nails softer. This will make cutting the cuticles easier.
• Step 2: Hold one side of the nail slightly tilted to increase the contact area between the nippers and the skin. Place your index finger under the client’s nail as a support point instead of resting it under the nipper’s head.
• Step 3: Quickly move the nippers from the base of the nail to the nail edge with a continuous cutting motion. While cutting the cuticles, the middle finger will function as a pusher, the ring finger and thumb will handle the nippers. The smooth coordination between the fingers is key to the speed and outcome of the cuticle trimming process. Note that as you cut the cuticles, you also push the skin to avoid obstructing your view of the remaining skin.
• Step 4: Push away the trimmed excess skin, wash your hands, and tidy up any remaining rough skin.

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